We work with a wide range of prototype shops around the world to prototype designs in an array of materials and technologies. With fast turn times and excellent capability, we are world class when it comes to prototypes.


We are experts at Industrial Design, Mechanical, Aerospace and Electrical Engineering as well as Manufacturing and Process Engineering. With a range of products from IOT and embedded electrical systems, to high end casting, metal working and molded plastic, we can design and engineer a breadth of products that are beautiful, functional and cost effective to produce.


Our team works with our suppliers in China on the factory floor through out all production builds. We develop robust quality control and quality assurance plans that can be implemented effectively across our supply chain to build durable and robust products for our clients. Our team implements best

practices with our capability in design for manufacturing (DFM) integrated with design quality planning (DQP) to create parts that are well built and delivered on time and on budget.